Synonyms: part, parts

Preanalysis assumption: I presumed for long that the symbol: to part, parting, referred to the accommodating position of the female, in intercourse, in plain words: to the spreading of her legs when the male bestrides her. Later I came to see that the symbol also answers to ejaculation, the male’s, or his penis’ parting with semen. In the poetry of the outer poems the symbol serves to give themes especially to the subject of death, but also to other, less absolute separations of relatives and friends, and even indifferent people, from one another. Even though the group this symbol forms with synonyms and auxiliaries is not a very large one, it still is of key importance in her secret language. Let us remember also, that the concept “to part”, “parting” has great emotional power in any language; it deals with a situation in human life that is very often dramatic. Often used as synonym for the four letter word fuck, to fuck.