Synonyms: springs

I prefer to let this analysis go for now. I have just read through the 28 entries in which the symbol appears and find myself not up to making a really cogent guess. All the four season symbols are still partly obscure, with “winter” best identified so far. It means the period of “snow” and signifies crumb orgasm often but may well have had the meaning of frustration at male ejaculation in the beginning, that is: vaginal freeze up . About “spring” I would for now mention just two aspects that must be analysed: 1. the symbol appears in the first document addressed to “Master” and that may date much farther back than 1857 (as suggested by Prof. Johnson), possibly to 1850, spring. 2. It is remarkable that her frequent use of the “spring” symbol in the poetry starts around 1863, that is after the great flood of poems is behind her, and becomes ever more frequent after 1874.


This Symbol occures in 13 poems:

#812, VAR #99, VAR #165, VAR #221, VAR #232, VAR #691, #532, VAR #609, #609, #749, #844, #1042, #1465