Poem #812

A Light exists in spring
not present on the year
at any other period
When March is scarcely here

a color stands abroad
on solitary fields
that science cannot overtake
but human nature feels

It waits upon the lawn
it shows the furthest tree
upon the furthest slope you know
it almost speaks to you

Then as horizons step
or noons report away
without the formula of sound
it passes and we stay

A quality of loss
affecting our content
as trade had suddenly encroached
upon a sacrament


HWL's Comment

Date of writing: Jun 01, 1980

Comment: This poem is a Rosettastone for the deciphering of the symbol “light”, one of her most important ones (66 entries).It belongs to the “year -season -month” syndrome which comprises the female phase in heterosexual intercourse, just as “day” takes in the male phase. The syndrome describes feelings, observations, happenings that come to vaginal awareness during the fondling phase. “Light” is the element that ties all these together and gives them life and meaning. It is the “glow” of erogenous awakening in the male genital during the first phase of fondling (which vaginal know-how cannot overtake but her own sexual sensitivity feels).