Synonyms: steps

A term derived from considering intercourse a walk. There is a stepping of semen emission (like flakes of snow), of orgasm (in liberty), in being frustrated. A stepping up on a stairway to climax. A stepping aside in collapse. A groping step in recovering from the freeze at premature male climax. A stepping into ejaculation (in immortality). A stepping through the firmament in mutual climax; upon the north (testes) when triggering the male ejaculation. (North can be glans it comes from the east, goes south and ends in west). Thick steps in hall are felt by her either coming up the male urethra or into the contraceptive. There is a drunken step. Penis has a best step (leading to mutual). Vagina trying to slip on glans steps cautiously from plank to plank, etc.


This Symbol occures in 15 poems:

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