Synonyms: stones

Assumption: the symbol seems partly derived from sexslang: having the male sense of testicle, the female one of clitoris. Her main meanings of this symbol seem however derived from Webster’s. Thus “stone” is semenejaculation symbol as: 1. the material obtained from rocks (optimum erect penisses) 2. a gem, precious stone (thus giving basis to her entire jewel symbolic as it pertains to semen), 3. the grave stone that commemorates a living, now dead (semen in contraceptive commemorating dead penis), 4. testicle, clitoris (the latter no so mentioned in Webster’s. 5. an ample ejaculation (English unit weight of “fourteen pounds”), 6. Philosopher’s stone (either hard penis or the semen emission deposited in contraceptive), 7. a stone jar (erect penis before emission, possibly also an erect vagina), 8. implement of stone, (erect penis or vagina), 9. to build withor in stone (penis reaching maximum erection in fondling phase as in “we temples build”, or stonelining a well, that is getting vagina in maximum erection), 10. to stone (spraying, pelting, beating, “killing”, vagina with the semen ejaculation, also pelting “Stephen” to death with stones, or semen quanta emissions, 11. to wall or face with stone (same as build with stone). A number of other symbols derive from this stone symbolism, as: cellar, well; to ax (stone ax) penis into ejaculation with vaginal fondling; to stone a bird (same as to ax a penis, but also to frustrate a vagina); to be blind (stone blind, that is: being pelted with semen emission and thus frustrated temporarily or utterly), brambles (that which grows on rocks or hard penis sees, thus semen emissions); cast (a stone’s throw, ejaculation); bruise (from stone bruise, frustration by semen ejaculation), stonechat (redbreastrobin, thus glans in purple erection, also vagina in erotogenous coloration both together making the sound of “knocking together two stones”; stone coal (for exceptionally virile semen emission, from exceptionally eager penis erection) or anthracite, visualized also as being unloaded into a cellar; stonecricket (cricket for semen arrival in contraceptive may nave been derived from this); a quarry (for vagina in which “stones” are being crushed or broken; stonedead (as penis after emission); stone fern ( emission appearing on glans, thus basis for brake, fern symbols); stone goat (possibly the basis for vaginal leap on glans symbols such as “antelope”; stonehearted (unfeeling, inconsiderate penis in optimum erection and emission); stone horse (wisely used as “steed” ,“horse” only, but signifying the stallion, the stallion’s bestriding); to lift a stone (relieve penis of his ejaculative need; stone mason (vagina fondling penis into maximum erection; stone mortar (from which she possibly derived “minnie balls”); Stonehenge ( penisses in erection, from which possibly derives the meaning of “druid”); stone oil, from which the symbol “oil” (semen) likely came; stone pit, quarry, (vagina in which stones are dug or quarried, i.e. penis being milked); stone plover (penis emission).

Personal note: Work on this symbol analysis has been so completely suspended since June the 3. that I have practically forgotten during more than five weeks that I ever was engaged in such a task. In this time I assembled 46 8×10 color photographs about the Sequoia gigantea into a book and wrote an extensive text for it. Also I went with my wife on a one week trip to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument in the Sonoran desert at the ArizonaMexico border, and two weeks to Giant Forest, shooting 32 new pictures in the former, 64 in the latter nature park, with a view of possibly writing articles, or even a book about them later on I chose these excursions and these projects as a sort of counterbalance to this taxing work on Emily’s secret language. It seems I will still have about two more years to finish the present phase of analysis but, as demonstrated with the sample above, I begin to simplify things by not going through the symbols entry by entry anymore, if not absolutely necessary, confining myself instead to a delineation of all the meanings of a symbol as nearly as I can do so at the moment, thus preparing the way for the later dictionary of her secret sex language.